Nashville Body By Vi Challenge


Nashville Body by Vi Challenge is On Fire!!

If you’ve been hearing about the Visalus Challenge Nashville all those
good things you’ve been hearing Are True.

People are getting healthy and fit with The Body by Vi Challenge.  All
walks of life.  You know how easy it is to go out and buy one of those
fast food meals and pay $5.00+ and be putting junk in your body.
We find even the busiest people are able to win with Visalus Nashville.

Nurses love The Nashville Body By Vi Challenge.  They work 12 hour days,
so keeping a “normal” schedule can be tough.  At 3AM you’re feeling hungary,
but you were out all day and ate… so, our Nashville Vi Shape makes it easy
for you to get what you want.  It mixes with Water, Milk, Soy Milk, and Almond
Breeze.  It’s your choice.

Now, you can get as fancy or as you want with the Nashville Body By Vi Challenge
Shake.  Add any fruit you want.  I like Strawberry/ Banana, Cinnamon Toast Crunch,
and Peanut Butter the best.  I’ve had Key Lime Pie and Birthday Cake too.

So, imagine investing 90 days in your body.  Drinking healthy, tasty shakes that
taste like peanut butter cup and Snicker bar.  Yea… this is the program you keep
hearing about.

Now let’s take a look at WHY so many
people love the Nashville Body by Vi

We Save You Money.

Do you drink Starbucks?  You can have
2 healthy Vi Shape Shakes for the cost
of just 1 Starbucks Coffee.

What did you have for lunch… OK.  The
Big Mac… You can have almost 3 Vi Shape Shakes for the Same Money.  And we’re not
even gonna give you a hard time about the calories or fat in that Big Mac.

How Does it Taste?

It’s called sweet cream.  It REALLY tastes like Cake Mix.  Just like you are making a
vanilla cake.  We have 1 shake product with hundreds of ways to dress it up.

Got Questions?  Call Me – I’ll send you a FREE Sample or even Bring My Shake Party right to Your Work.

Jay NaPier

P.S. – Would you like to get your Visalus Shakes for FREE?  We’d love to send you your
Fitness/ weight loss shakes from Visalus for free.  HOW you might ask?  Simply share
The Body by Vi Challenge with just 3 people.  We make it that easy.  It’s called referral
marketing… and there’s a benefit to you as well.  We know that you’ll lose more weight
and get better results in the challenge when you’ve got friends working together.


Jay NaPier


After 24 years in this industry, I’ve come to recognize that
there are some companies that you can’t make a decent
income from, Youngevity is one you can Build A Great
business with.

Why is Youngevity such a great company?

Let’s first start with Stability.  I see alot of new companies
launch, but few will be able to really make it as they don’t
have the management team to make it happen.

Youngevity, is 15 years old…  We know that the 1st 5 years
are critical to the long term success of a company, but 10
years will really show what a company can do.

You see… then name of the game ISN’T grow to a Gigantic
Company.  The objective is the build to a Stable Company.

Over the last 24 years, I’ve seen companies that start out
with the right idea, but end up going out of business because
they change as a company.  Their focus becomes money and
not the original mission.

Youngevity, has a 40 year old message that has not changed.
Mighty 90, now knows as 90 for Life is not something that was
created in a marketing mastermind, it originates from your own
bodies needs.

Let me just be frank with you.  I’ve not been one to focus on
my heath and might not have ever joined Youngevity has I know
had a friend mention it to me.  I originally looked at Youngevity
for the Javafit Coffee (which btw, is awsome).

After I got the chance to really see what Youngevity is all about,
I heard the 90 for Life message and realized that it really is
just as important as it should be.

Since I started using Beyond Tangy Tangerine, I feel great… Ya know,
most people have such subtle changed to how they feel that they never
really realize that they don’t have the right energy level because they’ve
slowly weeded out the essentical 90 from their diet…

And we know that our food doesn’t have all the vitamins and minerals
it should have.

One of the things I see from people is that they push too hard on people
to join their network marketing company… that’s not the way to build
a business.  You see, I use attraction marketing.

You found this blog, You’re reading it – and to be forward, if you’re the
only one who ever reads it – mission accomplished.

Timing is everything.  I can help you build a business if that’s what you’re
looking for.  We have ASAP that has helped me lose 18 pounds in 10 days.

We start with the foundation of health – the Mighty 90… aka 90 for Life
and we build from there.  It’s simple.

What if you’ve got some serious health issues??  We’ve had people who were
able to get off of insulin shots and pills because they used our product… Please
Note.  I am NOT A DOCTOR.  I’d recommend you attend one of our 90 for Life
seminars to get to know what we do and to talk personally with one of our Doctors
how can assist you in feeling your best.

We are in a Healthcare Crisis.  Why?  We are reactive to health issues and we pay
our doctors to treat a symptom, not find the cause.  Youngevity is an awsome company
with product that are needed and asked for in the community, you just have to listen.

Jay NaPier

90 for life

Youngevity Doubles Shipping Capacity


SAN DIEGO, Apr 10, 2012 — AL International, a global direct marketer of lifestyle and nutritional products and services and gourmet coffee, reports that it has doubled its shipping capacity at its growing direct-selling subsidiary, Youngevity Essential Life Sciences. The three new stations, located in Chula Vista, Calif., boost the Company’s overall shipping capacity from 1,500 to 3,000 packages in a single shift, which is designed to support the Company’s current level of growth.

Youngevity’s increased shipping capacity has become necessary due to the success of two health & wellness campaigns that were launched in November 2011 to rave reviews: the ‘90 For Life’ Campaign and the ‘Get Skinny’ Program. The new shipping stations were integrated into Youngevity’s existing shipping network and are designed to handle steadily increasing demand for the products associated with the campaigns, and leaders on the Company’s roster of over 400 nutritional products and specialized fortified coffee. The Company currently has more than 70,000 active distributors and customers and fulfills approximately 36,000 orders on a monthly basis.

The ‘90 For Life’ Campaign promotes the Company’s philosophy that all individuals need at least 90 essential nutrients for good health. All of these nutrients are included in the Company’s Healthy Start Pak™ that includes Beyond Tangy Tangerine® (a multivitamin/mineral/amino acid supplement), EFA Plus™ (an essential fatty acid supplement), and Osteo-fx Plus™ (a bone and joint health supplement). Beyond Tangy Tangerine® is currently Youngevity’s most popular product in both volume and revenue, and has consecutively generated over $1 million in both February and March. Collectively, these products have been designed to address a wide range of health issues common in the US today, ranging from support for healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels to cardiovascular, bone and joint, and brain health.*

The Get Skinny Program promotes healthy weight loss and features the Company’s Slender Fx™ Weight Management System. The System integrates a set of four core nutritional supplements that promote elements such as metabolism, comprehensive nutrient intake, and detoxification/cleansing. The Company continues to receive positive feedback from its customers on the Get Skinny Program, and attributes the growth in customers and distributors to the demand for the products included in the weight management system.

To date, Youngevity is the only network marketing company to successfully petition the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to establish qualified health claims for selenium, antioxidant vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Steve Wallach, Chief Executive Officer of AL International, said, “Youngevity’s increased shipping capacity gives us the ability to fulfill an unprecedented number of orders per month. As we previously reported, we added 25,000 new customer and distributor enrollments in the past four months alone. This achievement, alongside our expectations of a continuing surge in our network of customers and distributors, necessitates greater shipping capabilities, which we now possess. We are focused on driving revenue and believe our current product portfolio and distribution network will facilitate our growth plans. As we come closer to completing our upcoming audit and announcing our first-quarter results in May, we believe our investors will see the impact of our campaigns in our numbers. We look forward to updating our shareholders on our next earnings call.”

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”  Contact Jay NaPier 615.573.2536 for more information.











Can anyone become a top earner with Youngevity??

Over the years in this industry I’ve learned one key thing,
to win, you’ve got to talk to people… now, that’s where
most people freeze up.

With Youngevity, you’ve got something to open the door with.

Let’s start with the Youngevity Pharmacy Savings Card. The
card gives people upto 80% off of their prescription drugs,
and just yesterday I heard a great way it was used…

Standing in line at the pharmacy, one of our Youngevity reps
heard the total for 1 med at $500. Now, this should not shock
you as this happens all the time, especially if you don’t have
insurance to help. Youngevity is a company with heart and
our reps have heart as well, so…. You know what she did??

Our rep went right upto the lady and said… Here, see if
this helps. And sure enough, the price went down to $90.
That’s a beautiful savings and you know, she made a friend
and the ears are open.

This isn’t the only story either. We have people like
Theo Ratliff who was told by his doctors that he should
hang his shoes and end his career. He sought out the
help of Dr. Joel Wallach and was able to extend his career
with the help of Youngevity products.

I hear alot of people say “Getting Old” and then they roll
out a bunch of little items that bother them, not knowing
that it does not have to be this way. You can be healthy
and feel great and all you have to do it be mindful about
your health. Now, I’m not looking at you personally but
I’ll bet you’re overweight. 70% of the people are so don’t
feel bad about it… but DO Something about it.

We have a product called As Slim As Possible that has a 0
Failure rate – 0. And it’s not gonna take you years to
lose either. With Youngevity ASAP you’ll lose about a
pound a day.

So… Getting back to the original questions. What does
it take to be a top earner? You’ve got to market. I
use alot of methods that allow me to grow my business:

Tools: We have some of the best tools in the business.
Dead Doctors Don’t Lie – a 40 year message and the Doctor
behind it Dr. Joel Wallach is our founder.

This really is a limitless program. You’ve got recorded cds,
books, youngevity pharmacy cards, and my specialty is
online marketing – if you’re looking to learn online marketing
I’m here to help. Qualified Professionals will be GIVEN all
the training required to become successful with Youngevity.

You DO NOT have to be an expert and You Do Not Want To. We
are simply the messanger, the message comes from the tools
we use.

Is there any Wrong way to market Youngevity? No. Everything
works… but allow me to guild you as your coach. You see,
I didn’t just get into this industry. I got into Youngevity
because it’s a Stable Company. Dependable and they have products
that work. Period.

When you call me, I’ll share my story with you of how I got here
and I share WHY you and I should partner together IF… and that
is a Big If… IF you qualify.

Jay NaPier

As Slim As Possible Youngevity ASAP

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